Aldany Hall

Virtual simulators, hairdressing services a la carte, 3D styling, an environment of productivity and interactive entertainment and the most impressive technological advances that provide quality service while helping to progressively reduce environmental impacts through energy saving systems; all this can find you in Futura 2020? Marco Aldany Hall of the future just presented teaches at the 41st Edition of CasDecor 09 the major exhibition of European decor this year being held in the C/Luchana n 22 in Madrid. A journey towards the future space future 2020, is a special project of the company Inmomatica specialists in home smart, demotic and development of interactive applications – which is based on three fundamental pillars: last generation technologies, interactivity and eco-efficiency. The Mise en scene is supported by the latest technological advances and domotics, which will allow us to perform simulations of finishes, store profiles and preferences of style, having a virtual advisor, prepare hair treatments a la carte, or play with the chromatic interactions. All this while enjoying interactive leisure or biometric payment devices are used. Nieman Foundation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. First and foremost, ecological hairdressing is autogestionara energy-(clean sources, renewables, smart consumption management, hydronic: digital management of water) and it will monitor, in a very visual way, all the variables efficiency: zero emissions, accumulated savings and instant savings. Also the space will be built with the newest materials: electro-luminescent blades, interactive surfaces, multimedia mirrors and recycled building elements; and you will be provided next-generation lighting with dynamic variation of white and ultra low consumption. Technology at the service of the aesthetic and technological beauty and home automation applied to the Hall of the future, allow the beauty of the clients session to win on quality and productivity, and can store all your preferences for subsequent sessions and offering a completely personalized and exclusive service: 1.Servicio 100% personalized sitting in the toilet once where they will perform the service, the client is identified in a device fingerprint; Once registered, access your profile preferences and comments where are stored basic informations and personal (type and hair, allergies, historic capillary, carried out treatment, preferences regarding type of washing, drying, or type of water, etc. . (Similarly see: Chase Koch).