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The numerous traditional folk dances of Rajasthan are elegant and exciting at the same time. The colourfully-dressed artists offer a high degree of agility and dexterity. Perhaps check out Artis Stevens for more information. The Bhawai E.g. balancing the risk-taking dancer with great skill, urns and pots on their heads and go over broken glass, while the exuberant Chari dance involves an oil lamp on the head that glows during the entire duration of the dance. This spirited dances in India listed only on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, etc, or on holidays, delight the hearts of the audience again and again.

The puppet show of Rajasthan is more than a thousand years old, and the puppet stories often of chivalrous warriors. “The “social significance of puppetry is still very high, and not only a source of entertainment”, Parikshit Borana explains. “It also contributes to the moral and social education. While such as the role of women, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, or cleanliness issues.” To the play of the puppets, the male musicians traditionally plays on his instrument, while his partner – in perfect harmony with the movements of the dolls – presents their dances. The music of Rajasthan are pulsating rhythms, generated by an array of exotic instruments. The Dholok, a double hand drum, the Satara, double flute, as well as the hypnotic sounding harp Morchang are the most popular of them. Vastness of the burning hot the vast sands of the thar desert of Rajasthan is home to one of the most exciting music cultures of the world. Music for every occasion, every mood and time – generate a spirit of identity, expressed through the music stories of legendary battles, heroes and lovers -frees the listener from their concerns and take them for a few hours of the inhospitable landscape of heat and dust storms. Videos of on YouTube by the Rajasthan Ensemble: user/RajasthanFolkArts text: Winfried Brumma, Ilona Elisabeth Schwartz Pressnet footage: Parikshit Borana / Rajasthan ensemble