With the right promotion manages the school success round 4% of all school children have trouble with spelling or reading. For school success, that can represent a major hurdle if the problems are not detected early enough and treated professionally. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Prevent Cancer Foundation. Actually, each teacher is responsible for the diagnosis of a legal writing disorder, but the reality is often different. Most of the teachers and teachers are simply not trained for this demanding task. Not better, it is with the promotion of the affected boys and girls. Individual support in school is wrong. Instead, support groups are offered occasionally, the mostly but do nothing to repeat once more as the school material.

Helpful therapies look like but not benefit dyslexics, because often they have problems in perception, so that they can decode heard or read information not as fast as their classmates. Merk weaknesses or concentration problems can read and Lead law writing weaknesses. These deficits must be applied in promoting, not directly to the spelling rules. These are first learned in the course of therapy. Extensive information on free information on dyslexia and the bypass to get interested and affected parties on the Internet page. There you will find also addresses of recognized learning therapists, reading tips and helpful learning materials in addition to the latest research results. UTA Reimann Hohn provides on demand by E-Mail free of charge, quickly and unbureaucratically. UTA Reimann Hohn, degree education, learning therapist, author of the 20.4.2009