Pregnancy And Childbirth

Preparation for my baby – what can I do pregnancy -? The new born every girl dreams to be even your own mother at least once in their childhood that – and to have a baby. If a woman becomes pregnant then later, then the thoughts of the new born no longer characterize the childish ideas of that time. They want to prepare itself optimally on the baby to grant a perfect start in the life of the new born. This begins already in the course of the pregnancy. Because even while a woman is pregnant, she establishes a connection to the child and has to plan many things and to do.

There is thoughts about whether the baby is healthy, whether it is growing well and whether at birth everything will go well in the first place. You think about what name the baby to wear. The baby facilities should also exist when the baby comes to the world. What man because not everything needs – nursery, clothes, pampers, car seat, stroller, etc. Women are also, whether they want to breastfeed her child or her bottle feeding be.

Men and women struggle with fears, whether they have grown the education of a child. And to optimally prepare for the birth to visit typically a course of preparation for birth. A baby is a huge change, it is the life of a couple from one minute to another on the head. It requires 100% by us, and around the clock. But if you hold the little creature in my arms you’re willing to give this 100%.