American Tobaco

British American Tobaco joins the decision of the rest give closed the tobacco price war. Pall Mall cigarette increase its price 20 cents of euro and Lucky Strike 10 cents. British American Tobacco (BAT) has decided to raise the price of their brands of cigarettes between the 10 and 35 euro cents, a decision that has communicated this Friday to the Commissioner for the cigar market. Thus, BAT joins the decision of the rest give closed the tobacco price war. This war was initiated last month of may, when there was a drop of categories considered segment cigarettes more bass, which dragged the rest of the leading brands. Additional information is available at CBC. The climb that apply to BAT in their brands will be ctiva from this Saturday, with the publication of the new prices in the official State Bulletin (BOE). In particular, it will mean that cigarette packs of Pall Mall cigarettes will increase by 20 euro cents, and will cost 3.50 euros. In the case of Lucky Strike, the climb is 10 cents of euros, which It will place this brand cigarette at 3.6 euros, with the exception of one of its varieties, Click & Roll, whose price will be increased by 25 cents to 3.75 euros.

According to market sources, the increase of 10 euro cents for Lucky Strike, which places him 15 cents difference with respect to the average price of the category of subprime, it can result in adjustments to the low by other companies to maintain their competitiveness. Among the largest increases that has communicated BAT figure increased 35 cents of euros which will apply in Winfield, that goes from 4.90 to 5.25 euros. More uploads price tobacco brands belonging to the company Altadis already raising its price around the 30 cents, in early July. In particular, Fortuna and Nobel are expensive 30 cents going from EUR 3.50 to 3.80 euros, while Ducados Rubio black rising 20 cents to 3.50 euros and 3,80 euros, respectively. The company noted, like BAT, than this upload It will help settle the war of prices downward. Source of the news: BAT da closed war of prices between tobacco companies and raises the price of its brands